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New Fan...Old Love... my name is Miream, I'm a native New Yorker who relocated to Florida...I've loved the Yankees since birth and for 16 years (almost 17), I've dealt with the losses, the championships, even those haters that support the Sox and the Marlins, glad to know there are people out there who love them as much as me...check out my layout on my page...straight Yankee Love and Devotion. Favorite Yankee moment has to be the entire Subway Series back in 2000, vs the Mets. The best games ever!
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same here,

I grew up in the middle of Met land in Flushing, Queens. Been a die hard Yankee fan for... can't even remember. Prob. my first game in like 96. Just moved down to Kissimme, Florida and im going to high school. I have never had so many Yankee haters in one place.

To Sox fans all you have to say is: See you in 2090. (2004+86)
To Marlins fans: Fuck off, what team is that pathetic becides the pirates or the devil rays.
yo you have the best layout i ever seen
thanks for the love...
Hey, is there any way you could tell me how you got your LJ to be the way it is? (format?)
Yeah, so in lj you know how you can edit stuff in personalizing your there you can override certain codes by using HTML and then voila...I can work on it if you want...e-mail me what you'd want and I could show you what it would look'll need your password to do it...e-mail me and we'll discuss specifics...
Wow, I love your layout and background! (Mariano :-D)