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hi folks!
as requested,survey and answers and a bit more...

Name(first only): diane
Why you love the yankees: most of my current favorite baseball players are yankees.
Favorite Player: mariano rivera
Favorite moment in Yankee/sports history:
(disclaimer: it's a medium-sized story...and it's not over 'til it's over,ya know...so,read on...)
my favorite moment is baseball history is the red sox winning the world series last year. because at the time i'd only ever been a sox fan,it was a miracle (i started following them with my dad when i was 12,i think), and they brought me back into the world of baseball after many years. they gave me hope in the possibility of the impossible,and for that i am eternally grateful. plus,they had fun! i miss orlando cabrera. but enough about the red sox. i wouldn't be here if they were still my favorite team!

it's rather strange,but on the day the sox got their world series rings,i was impressed by jeter and torre and rivera and the way they reacted...with grace. which piqued my interest. so i started watching the yanks,and now it's history...what a team! i could go on and on but i will try not to get too carried away right now.

my fave retired player is luis tiant,the former red sox pitcher. i am grateful that i got a chance to watch him pitch so many times. overall,i like pitchers and shortstops the most.

i'm really thrilled that i can watch many of the yankees games with my mlb extra innings deal. i love it especially when it's through the yes network. now i'm greedy and wish i could get the yes network completely,but as far as i know,i can't. (i live in new hampshire.) thankfully,the local supermarket carries a few new york papers,so i can get those too.

anyway,it's kind of weird being a yankees fan here in red sox nation. i don't know what it is about the red sox and/or maybe their fans...i do love fenway though. and i do watch some of their games. i personally don't feel the need to hate any team,but hey,to each his own. some folks take great joy in disliking other teams...it's just not my cup o' tea! my third fave team is the mariners.

i haven't told my sports crazy sister and her family about my fondness for the yankees yet. ha. that will be funny. anyway,they're mostly into football,which really i'm not. i don't really 'get' football. baseball i have always loved.

anyway,that's quite enough for now...thanks for not throwing me off the stage!

p.s. i always wanted to be a convert...but i'm not too interested in committing to any religion,so this has been a happy 'accident'!
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