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Yankee Love<3

26 time World Champs

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Come join Yankee Love<3...
But please, before you join, read the rules (don't worry i'm not an uptight mod or anything, but theres gotta be SOME rules..right?):
1. *Once you join, please post the survey, which is below the rules.
2. *NO "YANKEES SUCK!" or any of that type of thing, this is a community for users that like/love the yankees, but...of course..you can go ahead and bash boston :-D
3. *On game day, please only comment under the GameDay Post. ALl other posts about the game will be deleted.
That's basically it, if other rules come into hand, I will make a post about the rules update, and add them here.

Survey: **Please post this one you join!**

Name(first only):
Age: (optional):
Why you love the yankees:
Favorite Player:
Favorite moment in Yankee/sports history:
And add anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself.

And i'm your mod named Samantha.

Also...I can do Yankee Layouts, so if you want one, just join and post

And if you'd like to be a co-mod just post..thanks